Surprise Celebration for Pastor Bonnie
Congratulations on Your First Year at Immanuel
and a Happy, Happy Birthday!

These are so much fun!


Dick recites the following limericks to honor Pastor Bonnie.

Limericks for Pastor Bonnie

We know a fine Pastor named Bell.

Who heartache and troubles did quell.

She strums a strong chord

And speaks of our Lord.

She gets all our members to jell.

For harmony and love she does search.

She never would leave us in the lurch.

She leads us in prayers

And shows that she cares.

We’re thankful that she’s at our church!

--Dick Christiansen--

Happy Birthday Pastor Bonnie!!!

We give thanks for our many friends.

Oh, where is my little companion?

Even the littlest one gets into the swing of things.

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