Church Conference Report in Song

1. Now this is the tale of a faithful church that seeks to do God's will.

We have a heart for those who hurt: a mission to fulfill.

2. Each Monday night we serve a meal for all those who may come:

We offered there a Study Group, open to everyone.

3. We held a concert for Shalom: raised money for their site;

That day our worship beckoned folks to join in as they might.

Bridge (shout)

Cleaning buckets, Health Kits, School Bags are sent both near and far.

We have our J.A.M. musicians, play ukes, drum, bells. . . guitar.

4. We partner with the Green Churches, [%] task forces and CUSH

We work for immigration: poor homeless and oppressed.

5. Break through Prayer's our latest thing, we'll hear the spirit's call

We speak and act for justice that is for one & all.

6, Now we'll re-join Church Conference, we hope we didn't bore!

Stop by go see us anytime, and then we'll show you more.




Working on one of our projects.