2018 Missions at Immanuel
We need your help!

Concert Update November 4, 2018

This is your reminder that our church will be presenting a concert on November 4th. It will be a fundraiser for Shalom Center. It has to be small because we do not have a lot of extra room for displaying items. Suggestions: small crafts, plants, bakery in smaller portions. Be creative and check with the Concert committee or Council to see if your idea will work for the event. We will need lots of helpers that day. Please plan on being a part of this exciting day

Golden Cross Sunday

Dear Friends,
For generations, The United Methodist Church has had a reputation for caring about and for people, especially those in need of healing and support. Our Health & Welfare Ministries are responsible for perpetuating a great legacy of caring. As your bishop, I am pleased to remind you that, in Wisconsin, we have at least 13 excellent reasons to support Golden Cross Sunday. That’s the number of hospitals and senior living communities, as well as neighborhood, family, and children’s services that are directly impacted by this offering. Over the past year, I have witnessed first-hand how our United Methodist connection of care and love is extended through our ministries and people.  I join you in giving thanks to God for them. In Christ’s Love,
Bishop Hee-
Soo Jung
Our Health & Welfare Ministries are also a reflection of our Conference priorities to
support mercy and justice, multicultural, and soul food ministries. As you well know, all of our Health & Welfare Ministries are making a difference in the lives of thousands of people each year. It is a joy to serve in Wisconsin where people are committed to reaching out with Christ’s love to people of all ages and circumstances. Our offerings are used throughout the year to support those who are unable to cover the full cost of their care and service.

Thank you in advance for the generous and caring response to Golden Cross Sunday, which will make it possible for our ministries to continue to serve in Christ’s name on our  behalf.

Green Congregation

This is a movement which is a national organization with local groups that fosters
an awareness of caring for creation. Our first goal is to increase recycling, especially in public places, festivals and parks. The manager of the Kenosha Waste Department, Kier Powell has been attending and providing needed help. There is room on this team for any interested people willing to participate.


Soup Kitchen Up-date

September 12th will be the one year anniversary of the Meals That Matter Soup Kitchen program and Immanuel has been involved since the first day.  The number of guests served has gradually increased in the past year.  Our largest number was 66 on July 30th.  Our average is 45-55 men, women and children.  Shalom Center has been faithful in providing nutritious and tasty food.  Grace Faulkner, Cindy Johnson, David and Chuck Towle have been present almost every Monday.  Judy Stalder, Cis Schellin and Marieta Huff have been trading off leadership roles.  Some members of Principe de Paz and Kenosha Korean have helped and many members of Immanuel and friends are participating regularly.  The goal is to have enough volunteers that most would help once a month.  This prevents burn-out of volunteers.  We have had 5 new volunteers start over the summer and some of our faithful helpers who were busy in the summer will return in the fall.  God is good!

Our Bolivia Missionaries

Bill and Heidi Janecke have settled in Minneapolis. Heidi says: I wish I could say that it’s been an easy transition back to the States, but it has taken a lot longer to get settled than I thought it would.  Bill is working and seems satisfied with his latest version of being a Vet and doing preventative care clinics. He works hard 4 – 10 hour days a week and plays hard and looks for ministry opportunities the 3 days a week when he is off. We are taking full advantage of the beauty and many attractions in the Twin Cities.
I am finding new ways to serve the Lord after a bit of a drought since leaving the orphanage.  I help at a local food pantry every Monday and am getting involved at the Park Ave United Methodist Church which is walking distance from our apartment. I love the diversity and the gospel style of worship in this body of believers. 
Once a week we work together at an urban garden down the street.
Thanks to all who continue to support our work through Christian Veterinary Mission.  These funds go toward our future mission trips to Bolivia. Thank you to those who also give to the Talita Cumi orphanage directly. If you would like to learn more or donate to Talita Cumi Children’s Home, please visit the web site www.talitacumi.org  or you can write or donate to Talita Cumi, 6920 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 105, Carmichael, CA 95608.  I plan on being a part of this ministry forever. It is hard not to think that way when a big chunk of my heart continues to be deeply rooted there.


Natural disasters have been occurring frequently in recent years!  The Midwest Mission Distribution Center had bare shelves after the hurricanes last fall.  Our  help is needed to replenish the stock.  We are going to be making only Cleaning (Flood) Buckets and Personal Dignity (Hygiene) Kits for In-Gathering at Annual Conference this June.  No school bags, layettes or sewing kits were requested, but if you have individual items for these kinds of kits, they can be sent.
 It is more fun to form 2 or 3 person teams to buy items and assemble the kits, but you are welcome to work independently.  Any items on the list will be appreciated and can be added to a kit or sent independently.  Please ask Marieta for a list of needed items so you can participate and watch for good buys.  Each kit needs $1.00 for shipping, so cash is needed as well


Immanuel’s JAM and RINGING groups will begin rehearsing music for Sunday worship.  Our focus will be “to make music to the Lord in our hearts and to give the Lord thanks for everything”! – Ephesians 5.  We have much to be thankful for as we continue our 4th year sharing music for worship at Immanuel; for out shut-ins, the community and other churches.  We all do a part in making this possible.  JAM, our folk vocal/string ensemble and  Choir will be rehearsing from 10 – 11:10 on Thursdays.  All are welcomed to join us or even just give it a try!  There are opportunities to sing and learn a new instrument while having fun at the same time!  Our Bell Ringers will rehearse from 11:15 – 1:45.  This group has been fulfilling and challenging!  Not to mention a lot of fun and even laughter.