Immanuel's Missions

Immanuel is involved in many types of Missions.


The Janecke's are Our Missionary Family in Bolivia.

Dr. Bill is a veterinarian who practiced in Kenosha. He and his wife Heidi with their two children, Holly and David attended First UMC. They joined the Christian Veterinary Mission, a branch of World vision that requires them to raise their own support.

Dr. Bill goes out into the countryside teaching people sustainable farming techniques, inoculating cattle against TB, etc, starting cooperatives that help people make a living selling their products, such as yogurt and eggs. He brings a portable generator so he can show the Jesus Movie and witness to people about Christ.

Heidi helps at the school the children attend and she is involved at a small orphanage called Talitha Cumi, "child arise," where she teaches painting. The money from the scarves they paint and sell buys groceries. The Bolivian government does not help. To see pictures go to Janeckes

Our Inns Program--Immanuel is proud to host the Inns program three nights every week. In these tough financial times many people need our help and support. Breakfast is served in the morning. During extremely cold weather the church is kept open during the day. First Step Services Day Shelter is open every day.

The fall program begins on October 1. Please consider volunteering for a shift once a month on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday night at our site. There are three shifts. The first shift arrives at 6:30 pm to set out the mats and supplies, and prepare a simple supper. At 11 pm the second shift comes and there are bag lunches to make. These volunteers need to bring a book or something to stay occupied. At 3:00 am the morning shift arrives. These folks prepare a breakfast--simple or hearty, depending on their talents--and clean-up leaving at 7:00 am. A Shalom Center staff member is always on the premises, but volunteers may supply food, help at busy times and back-up in case of an emergency. The permanent shelter is still in the fundraising stages. Your help is needed.

Mats are laid out on the floor in preparation for the overnight guests.

Immanuel's night at the Soup kitchen--Immanuel serves at the soup kitchen every other month. Supplies are bought for the soup and sandwiches. Brunnie makes the soup and other members make sandwiches and serve. This is a special time for the servers to provide food and support to those in need. Volunteers are always needed!

Making sandwiches to serve.

This soup is delicious.

The serving line is ready.

Walk Against Hunger--Immanuel Members participate in the HUNGER Walk in the spring for Shalom Center and in fall support CROP walk for World Hunger (25% staying in Kenosha.) We enjoy supporting our community missions.

Holiday Open House--Immanuel opens its door to the needy and homeless on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Volunteers work in 2 hour shifts to cover the day and many others bring in food for snack time and the dinner meal. Food, entertainment and fellowship is provided.

Other Projects Immanuel is working on:

-Collecting donations and change for IMAGINE NO MALARIA.

-Bringing supplies and serving at the Shalom Soup Kitchen every other month.

-Inns program supplies are being collected.

-Flood buckets are being filled.

-Making School Bags and filling with supplies for children in Haiti and Africa.

-Cleaning buckets, women's health kits and hygiene kits are also collected for annual conference.

-Each kit sent above needs a $1 for shipping costs.

Immanuel in Mission

"No Cost" -- Just a Little Time

S a v e

  • Box tops for education on certain products for Kenosha Schools
  • Campbell Products--UPC codes for Northcott House, Milwaukee
  • Aluminum Cans--Funds used for designated current projects
  • Aluminum Can Tabs--for Ronald McDonald House